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LRCF Fitness HK
CrossFit Prince Edward

“Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today.”
- Bruce Lee

LRCF Fitness

LRCF Fitness was established in 2015. 


LRCF - Lion Rock Conditioning & Functional

“Lion Rock”, the symbolic mountain in Hong Kong, represents the indomitable and unyielding spirit Hong Kong people have.  The spirit we have.


Our core values:




We aim to provide high quality training programs and environment for members who would like to reap the benefits of conditioning and multi-functional training.  Our spacious and well-equipped area fits for Olympic Weightlifting, Strength & Conditioning training of any sports, and any personal trainers’ fitness programs. 


So long as you will to, LRCF will definitely have a suit-you-best training program for you, to improve your health, strengthen your physical fitness, and lead to a healthier life.


CrossFit Prince Edward

CrossFit Prince Edward (“CFPE”) is the only CrossFit box in West Kowloon.  CFPE offers Workout-Of-the-Day ("WOD") classes for Adults and Kids & Teens.  We program through a variety of gymnastics (body-weight), weightlifting, and aerobic exercise to develop a varied multi-functional training in medium-to-high intensity.  Physical fitness and sport performance can be improved at the same time through this all-rounded training model.



We train in every fitness spectrum.

We train in safe and effective ways.

We train what we use every day in life.

We train for health and well-being.

We train for capabilities and performances.

We train for our daily life.


So we do CrossFit.

Still have doubts?

Click the link above to learn more.

CrossFit PE
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