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LRCF Cut-off Tank "Black" LRCF低袖口背心- 黑色

LRCF Cut-off Tank "Black" LRCF低袖口背心- 黑色


⚪️ Front: “LRCF” logo with half "Hong Kong" typeface in white and Chinese; Back: White "Half Lion Face" 

⚪️前:“LRCF” logo及半個白字「香港」;後:"LRCF"半臉獅子白色圖案

  • Product Details 產品詳情

    • Loose Fit 鬆身剪材
    • Thin cotton fabric provides a soft and comfortable wearing experience, and the low cuff design helps you stay cool and comfortable during training. 薄身棉質布料穿感柔軟舒適,搭配低袖口設計,助你在訓練期間保持舒爽。
  • Remarks 備註

    • All products cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged. It is recommended consulting the size chart for each product before making a purchase to choose the appropriate size. 所有產品不設退換貨或退款。建議購買前先查閱個別產品的尺碼表以選擇合適的尺碼。
    • There may be around ±2% deviation. 可能存在約±2%的偏差。
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